This is concentrated on those Alaska promoters of and venues for traditional music that do so regularly.

Covid has done a number on our venues and promoters. As I hear about them coming back, I’m happy to add to the list.

Listed below are ways to find out about pending appearances by folk/trad artists and bands. If they are promoted by the usual promoters, you can link from here to their websites.

If you are looking for promoters or to gig up here in Alaska, this page, the festivals page kind of lay out who’s who in promoting artists. You can also check out the venues at the bottom of this page. just reports on what’s happening.

By area in the state

Fairbanks Area Events

  • Nenana, Minto and Manley Hot Springs

    Anything going on, drop me an email gary(at)

    The Fairbanks Concert Association mostly showcases classical music, but sometimes puts on traditional music during the school year and are generally pleased with the turnout. It doesn’t surprise me – we love it. They can be reached at 474-8081 or P.O. Box 80547. Several acts also appearing in Anchorage with their concert association sometimes make it up to Fairbanks, as well.

    University of Alaska Fairbanks Student Activities produces a number of events. If you are interested in having them do such events, lobby Student Activities at 474-6027 or at

    The Marlin in Fairbanks had been known to host music and open mic nights, a fine funky small venue. (907) 479-4646.

    Ivory Jacks, on Goldstream Road in Fairbanks, has a fair bit of local music. 2581 Goldstream Road, 455-6665 Joni Ellsworth.

    Anchorage area

    There are a couple of folk music promoters in Anchorage, the most active one is Whistling Swan Productions.

    Whistling Swan Events – most shows start at 7:30 pm

    The Anchorage Concert Association sometimes has folk genre concerts.

    Many performances are at the Performing Arts Center on 6th Ave and F Street in downtown Anchorage at 8:00 pm, unless otherwise noted. There are three theatres in the PAC: Atwood Concert Hall, Sydney Lawrence Theatre, and the Discovery Theatre. Or try 800-GRT-SEAT (800-478-7328) or as otherwise listed.

    This is a link to Whistling Swan Productions, who do a fair bit of folk stuff in the Anchorage and outlying areas.

    The Alaska Irish Music Fest has been known to produce Celtic events every now and again. August is typically Galway Days

  • The Anchorage Daily News now has an on-line entertainment section on line which may include folk music events.



    They sometimes pick up musical artists who also play in Fairbanks and Anchorage.

    Talkeetna also has a number of fine musicians living there.



    Bud Johnson in Homer produces a folk music radio show called Acoustic Accents on KUAC Fairbanks, KIYU Galena, KYUK Bethel, with KNHS putting it up on the NPR satellite. It’s a great show. He might know of local productions in the area.

    I’ve had info on many musical events in the Homer area provided courtesy of Mike Hayes of of Downward Dog Productions.
    Info about events in Homer at 299-0396. Last known at the Downeast Saloon.






    Susan Mumma of the Seldovia Arts Council points you to their website that lists upcoming events, including music events.

    McCarthy (aka Kennicott)

    McCarthy is a small community nestled in the heart of the Wrangell-St. Elias range about 5 miles from the site of the old Kennicott Copper mines. It is sixty bumpy dirt road miles beyond Chitina. There is now one store there and a couple of eateries, but you should bring your own basic provisions. There is camping in the area as well as lodging at The McCarthy Lodge (907) 554-4402. It’s a very scenic and historic place. I recommend bringing bicycles in the summer to get around. McCarthy is mostly shut down for tourists in the winter.


    Southeast Alaska


    The Alaska Folk Festival promotes the occasional concert besides their big Alaska Folk Fest in April.


    I get whatever info I can in Sitka from “Fishing with Cats” Ted Howard, but haven’t heard from him lately. What’s happening in Sitka?




    Elsewhere Alaska

  • Bethel
  • Dillingham

    Concerts are sometimes promoted by the Dillingham Arts Council, 907-842-2587.

  • Tok

  • Kasilof

    Other Folk Music Gig Links